Drinking the bitter

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Drinking the bitter

Postby Rand » Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:35 pm

(I posted this on the Knoxville YSB Combatives Facebook page, but think it's something for folks starting YSB to really focus on in their training. I can't post the meme that goes with it, but it has a brilliant red background with the outline of a samurai in solid black. Over them are the words; Cry in the dojo. Laugh on the battlefield).

This meme really hits the mark. The harder you train, 'drink the bitter' as He Jinbao likes to say, then you have an easier time when you have to use your training. Training is, and freakin' should be, harsh at times. The high repetitions of techniques, the never ending box stepping drills, the longggggg minutes of holding posture in standing practice, the mental toughness that is developed from long sessions of turning while holding uncomfortable postures... It all is completely worth the effort in your personal development. Bagua training is harsh at times. The skills you learn are hard to obtain, but the results are what drives us. You become stronger, fitter, move better, and gain a level of mental toughness that few will ever know. When we strike, it is done with power and your practice is what hones the technical aspects that will help you gain the power needed in an actual street encounter. Practice builds power. Practice builds technical skill. Practice builds mental toughness. Practice, practice, practice is what slowly builds your ability to use this art. So, push yourself in your training. Embrace the discomfort. Accept the aches and pains. Drink the bitter. Train hard! So, you'll be able to laugh on the battlefield.
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