Footwear and grasping with the toes

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Blade Sackett
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Footwear and grasping with the toes

Postby Blade Sackett » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:51 am

When turning, we are told to grasp the earth with our toes. This, unfortunately, was an aspect of turning which I would tend to forget when focusing on the number of other requirements involved in walking a circle. After finally implementing this correctly though, I noticed far less knee discomfort which plagued me for many years. I also attribute this to focusing more on the foot landing with heel and toe simultaneously. This has lead me to consider different footwear options to make these requirement easier to achieve.

What kind of shoes do you prefer to turn in? I've always liked the flat shoes like adidas, pumas, and warriors, but at times, these can feel clunky.
Has anyone tried turning in something like a Vebram's?
Does anyone prefer to turn barefoot?

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Re: Footwear and grasping with the toes

Postby kungfucraig » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:45 pm

I wear Adidas Samba Milleniums. These are proper indoor soccer cleats. The fashion ones suck and should be avoided IMO.

My criteria for shoes in no particular order.

1. My YSB shoes should be my everyday shoes and my everyday shoes should be my YSB shoes. These are pretty much the only shoes I wear, ever. I think this is important and is also why regularly training barefoot is no good. If you are ever in a position to use this stuff it will be in your everyday life and as much as possible if your everyday attire matches your training attire it's beneficial. This is Book of Five Rings stuff - an extension of "your everyday stance is your combat stance and your combat stance is your everyday stance".
2. Should be able to run in them.
3. Should be able to kick in them. They need to be fairly light weight.
4. Should be okay on most surfaces. They don't do that well on wet surfaces and especially wet grass, but otherwise they're okay.
5. Should look good with what I wear.
6. Should be able to feel the ground. This one is pretty important.

I can't think of other sports besides soccer where overall (top, bottom, side) foot sensitivity is really important. Well, other than martial arts. :)

If you can think of such sports I think their footwear would be worth trying.

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