Studying other arts in order to counter

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Studying other arts in order to counter

Postby Myles Young » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:07 am

I've been thinking. What type of background will be likely encountered in an opponent? What I'm mainly interested in background wise, what comes to mind, a boxer, and an mma guy.

The boxer seems pretty self evident as to what can be expected, multi jab, jab-cross combo, maybe an uppercut if you get too close. Not particularly concerned with boxers, but I'm not interested in going toe to toe with them on their ground (nod to recent fight) except in a training capacity. Seeing how we're not limited to the use of our hands, we can take advantage using simple tactics such as distracting with the hands and deployment of the feet. I do have a curiosity in possibly trying a boxing gym out to cross hands with a boxer.

I feel MMA/UFC is gaining in popularity in the states currently. Meaning the chances of running into one of these guys is rising. The main danger is getting tackled, and brought to the ground. Even if you are the aggressor and dominant you can get blind sided by someone you weren't aware was even there. I've been watching a bunch of fights and YouTube videos lately. I've been studying them.
I want to know how best to end these wrestling matches as fast as possible, should it go to the ground. I'm contemplating joining a gym to roll around with some people and get a feel for where they are open. Not that I'm particularly interested in training another art.
So far I have surmised when it comes to ground grappling with someone, pealing them off by their hair (unlike me most people have something to grasp up top), strikes to the throat, and targeting the eyes seems like pretty viable options. By watching videos, some instructional, some old fights, I've been trying to pick appart the openings.

I've started to dust off the lion, namely chin and na. Coming back to them has put a new perspective into things. I've not trained seazing and grasping in a while but things are clicking more now.

If anyone has any expirence crossing hands with people studying other arts, I'd be interested to hear any input on the topic. Also if anyone has studied other arts, if it really seems worth while to look at possible opponent from the inside so to speak.

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